Launch Day

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Launch Day


Well guys, this is it... launch day. After months of designing, testing, molding, 3D printing, cutting, buying, testing more, redesigning, organizing and planning we've finally arrived. We hope you find our site as useful and our inventory as strong as we envision it.

The goal for Dronehaus from day one has been to provide a way for fellow pilots to get their hands on the best gear all in one place. While our inventory is constantly growing (and will continue to do so in coming weeks and months), we feel like we're starting at a place with the "cream of the crop" as far as parts go. Since Austin and I have been a part of the growing FPV drone racing community, we've seen a huge amount of change happen very quickly. That is a major factor in choosing the parts we did to start with... We feel our current selection is one that only includes proven, reliable, high quality parts that have a longstanding place in the hobby.

One of my favorite accomplishments we've tackled in the past few months is the design and manufacturing of our own in house frame (The Mach5). We've put this thing through the ringer with testing and feel very confident you will love how it flies and how tough the thing is. Austin has basically poured his heart and soul into making this into a reality, and it shows. Personally, I've never flown a frame that represents the thoughtfulness and smart design elements quite like our Mach5 does.

Because we have no idea what the demand for this frame is going to look like, we're opening our doors today by taking pre-orders on the Mach5 frames. This will allow us to gauge demand and ensure the manufacturing process is completely dialed in. It's also SUPER important to both Austin and I that the frames we send out are up to the strict quality standards we've set in place. At this point we expect the frames to ship on August 5th.

With that said, thank you for taking the time to visit our little corner of the community. We hope you'll be happy with the direction we take Dronehaus. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.





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