DroneHaus Uses Real Carbon Fiber!

DroneHaus Uses Real Carbon Fiber!

China is famous for jipping you on real carbon. Often times they start with a layer of carbon fabric, then lay black fiberglass or anything they can get in between to make their profit higher.

We have been very impressed with our carbons strength and appearance, but that hardly kept us from wondering… is it real?

We did a lot of cuts at a local shop that was willing to give carbon a shot, whilst being very careful about dust and what not. During our time there we met a friend of the shop, Jason. He lays custom carbon fiber surfboards.

He was intrigued with our quadcopter frames and just as curious as we were of the carbons legitimacy. So one day we were paying no attention to the machine, talking about the hot weather. When we turn around the machine is still running and Jason has his face pressed to the carbon smelling the freshly cut resin.

“What are you doing!” we yelled at him. He says he was “Smelling the type of resin they used” which apparently gives away the process they chose to lay it. Somewhat baffled, we let him take a piece home to cut open and analyze it with his own experience from laying carbon.

We were pleased to find out Jason likes our carbon! Having little to no experience with carbon fiber on that level, we are placing some trust in Jason’s diagnosis. But he’s been doing this for almost as long as I’ve been alive!

We’re looking forward to working with Jason laying some unheard of frame plates, including Kevlar and Copper stranded plates. This is going to be exciting!


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