New Things Coming! Beginners Kit, Stretched X, and Crash Proof Straps!

New Things Coming! Beginners Kit, Stretched X, and Crash Proof Straps!

We've got Lots of exciting things in the works guys! A new kit with a special frame in the prototype phase, a new "Stretched X" frame being designed, and new Crash Proof Straps! Read On!

At events and through other sources we have received a lot of questions about Buying a drone. Sure some of you know you don't really buy a racing drone, but we decided it's time for a DIY kit for those that are willing to build but don't know what to buy.
The kit will be centered around a flagship H frame. Yes X is all the rage, and Stretched X is the new thing. But H is still the easiest to build, and for new pilots that is going to mean a lot when they have to fit all those parts, little and small, into one space.
The frame will be a little shorter than the classic "Bus Quads", but miles longer than most X quads. Even the Mach5, which sports an 80mm body to strap your parts on.
It will however follow some princibles that have not been present in H quads as they've faded. The arms will use a similar strengthening method as the Mach5, but pushed to the limits to make the quad as durable as possible. We set out to make a heavy tank of a quad so that beginners could take it and crash it all day, but our methods have kept the frame surprisingly light. The software predicts a 90 gram weight in carbon, with hardware that should put us in the 100 gram playing field.
As for components, the biggest question is motor size. 2204 is the standard I'm leaning towards, and on 3S should be just enough to grow into as you're learning the controls. But Gary says he started on 1806 and it was plenty of power for him. So we have not made a final decision on that yet.
The rest isn't too hard to decide on. We will use a cheap 4S capable 20A ESC, combined with our common components like the RROSD to make a Rock Solid build.
Stay tuned, this will be released Soon!

We have also been asked when we will be releasing a "Stretched X" frame. Well we are working on a game changer! Most of the competition is basing their motor placement on degrees from center. But not us, we will be using math and brains to make the perfect Stretched X beast. The only other thing I can say now is it's going to be legend-Wait for it! I hope you're not lactose intolerant!-Dairy!

And last but Not least, new Crash Proof Straps! We have been prototyping and testing several revisions of straps. We started with the straps you see on our website, and after many broken buckles and seams we have been working our butts off to find the perfect strap. We are hoping we only have one revision left, here are some hints: Cast aluminum buckle, un-rippable super-strong, near seamless material. We won't let you have a single one until they are proven Crash Proof. Excited yet? We are!

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