Some updates to the site and new products

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Some updates to the site and new products

Just a quick update to let you all know what's been going on behind the scenes at Dronehaus HQ lately... As you know by now, we're constantly working our asses off to continually improve both the user experience on the site and the inventory we have to offer.

The site stuff is the easy part

Some things we've changed on the site recently:

  • Grouped the different types of props together to make browsing easier... Now you go to the style of prop you want, and when you view the product you can select the color.
  • Added our general location to the "About Us" section. We had a few people wondering where we were located... I guess we didn't realize this, but it's a pretty big factor when you consider how quickly you are going to be receiving your shipments!
  • Did a little update where your order status will now be messaged to you in real-time as it gets updated if you have liked us on Facebook. Let me know if this is giving you any problems or isn't working for some reason.

Now, on to inventory

You've been asking and we're delivering! We've picked up receivers, antennas, VTx's, ESC's, props and tons more recently and plan on continuing to expand all the time. Please check back often to see what new cool stuff we've thrown up.

Some things to keep an eye out for in the near future:

  • Restocking on the new RaceKraft 5051 props, and adding a few new colors to the mix as well. Those things sold out FAST, so we'll let you know when we get more in. I'm hoping they'll be in within a week or so.
  • We're waiting on a big order of props from HQ. The new 5" ones with the crazy tips. Yeah those. Austin flew some and fell in love, then let Taylor fly them, and now they can't tell if they like those or the RK's more!
  • New motors. We've been testing a ton of different motors lately to try to find something better, faster and stronger than the RG motors... It hasn't been easy to be honest! We HAVE found a few good candidates that we're working on finalizing currently however. Again, should be arriving some time in the next week.
  • New ESC's. The RG20 Plus's are amazing, as are the DYS's, but rumor has it that Dronehaus may or may not be getting some of the new TBS Bulletproof ESC's very soon. Keep those crazy eyeballs on the site, because as soon as they land they're going to go fast...
  • Throwing some new stuff in the "Accessories" section. The plan is to have replacement frame parts, mounts, protectors, hardware, cables, etc. I'll throw up a few things tonight and continue adding them as we can.
  • We have a big-ass order of our Dronehaus batteries showing up. Not only did we get a ton of the 1300mah and 850mah's but a few new sizes and some Graphenes as well. We likely will have these... Within a week.
  • I'm sure you noticed, but we got a cool new "FPV Gas Mask" design on some shirts recently. We're planning on throwing that on the hoodies next, so stay tuned for that. The weather's cooling off now and you need to get your hoodie game on point. These things are crazy comfy too!

So as you can tell...

We're doing everything we can to get you guys and gals the stuff you've been asking for. Your patience with us is greatly appreciated as we try to keep up with inventory and new products, along with continuing to improve the site. As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback hit us on here, facebook, instagram, or email us at We love hearing from our amazing customers and will do everything we can to deliver!

Until next time,



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