Dronehaus Sputnik DIY Racing Drone Kit

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Keep thinking about how much you want to fly a racing quad copter like all those YouTube videos you've been watching? Figuring it's some kind of space age technology that you have to mortgage your house for? Worried the learning curve will be astronomical?
Well we're here to try and put these thoughts to rest and get You in the air, safely, reliably, and at a reasonable price!

We have spent endless nights putting together the perfect collection of components for you to get building, flying, and fixing. We have done all the research for you and have worked hard to get you the best bang for your buck.
We started by designing a frame that is the perfect combination of performance and ease of use for beginners figuring out how to stuff components in. Then we set out to find a power train, landing on DYS XC20 ESCs and GemFan 2205/2700 motors. This combination gives you an introduction to power on 3S batteries, with plenty of room to grow.
With the idea of maintaining reliability and growth we decided to stick to the strongest stack we have ever run; RROSD PDB and RMRC Dodo Flight Controller. We have put this combination through so much torture on our own quads, we just couldn't see putting any other components in a kit we would stand behind.
Last but not least FPV! This wasn't a hard choice, while there are expensive and fancy components out there for video transmission, Foxeer makes good components at a great price. This is why we went for a full Foxeer system, with a HS1177 camera, 200MW Video Transmitter, and Circular Polarized Antenna. This gives you plenty of of range and penetration without a major impact on the overall price. 
We strongly believe that you should only buy your transmitter once, and that is why this kit is aimed for the FrSky Taranis. The X4R-SB is the most basic FrSky Receiver with the best features, and is included in de-pinned form.

The last and most important feature of this kit is the support and documentation behind it. With a full and complete how-to video and page dedicated to this kit, by the time you finish building this quad-copter you will be as fully prepared as any beginning pilot could expect to be. From building and programming to notes on related sciences and safety, we leave nothing un-turned or un-mentioned in this thorough introduction to this Epic hobby!

You will need to buy a transmitter and goggles in order to complete your Drone Gear. You may be wondering why we didn't include these in the kit, and the answer is simple and transparent; We have already discounted the Taranis and Goggles as much as we can, it would not make a difference in the overall price if you bought it together or separate. This way you get the chance to buy how you want to.

Here's what the Sputnik kit flies like after it's built:

The transmitter you will need is Here and the goggles we recommend are Here.

The Building Guide is Here

You will need:

  • A Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Basic soldering skills
  • Wires strippers
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters
  • A Heat Gun
  • A Small Razor
  • 2mm Hex Key
  • 2.5mm Hex Key
  • 5.5mm Socket/Handle
  • 8mm Socket/Handle
  • A Lipo Battery Charger