Dronehaus Sputnik 218mm Frame

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Sputnik is our answer to the demand for a high performance H frame that can outperform even the most expensive frames on the market. The platform of this quad is stiff and durable, and very intuitive. Arms can be individually replaced in seconds due to the smart mounting layout, and components can be mounted in any number of ways using the thoughtful design components integrated into the frame.

With a platform drastically bigger than an X quad, and yet shorter than other popular H quads on the market, this frame is the perfect combination of sexy and functional. There is plenty of room to stack a PDB and FC in the middle while laying your Rx and VTx in the back or front. This not only makes building easier, but makes field repairs at the race track a breeze!

Like all Dronehaus frames, the Sputnik is manufactured and given it's finishing touches here in California by hand. While it may take a little more time to make each frame this way, we feel the quality is far superior to anything else you'll find out there.

There is one more gem in this frame that would otherwise go unnoticed. The H frame typically requires a small amount more tuning than a pure X frame. Sputnik's motor locations are laid out with the pythagorean theorem, or a perfect 3/4/5 triangle, to avoid this problem almost entirely. In fact, many pilots prefer the H layout over a true X because of it's unique flying characteristics.

Sputnik might be the most durable, intuitive, and flyable H quad ever made. But we'll let you be the judge of that.

 You can see the build layout in the beginning of the kit guide here.


  • H Layout - Robust And Strong
  • 218mm Wheel Base
  • Full Frame With Hardware Weighs In At Only 115 Grams
  • Strong - 3.5mm Arms, 2mm Main Plate, and 1.5mm Support Pieces.
  • Arm Reinforcements For Added Crash Resistance And Rigidity
  • Includes 3D Printed Cam Mount - Fits HS1177 Style Cameras, Printed in TPU
  • Made In The USA - Cut Right Here At Dronehaus Using 3K Twill Weave Carbon, Hand Sanded And QC'd to Perfection
  • Choose Your Color - Four Stand Off Colors to Choose From
  • Comes With 30mm Stand Offs, standard 3mm Hardware (Cap and Button Head), And Longer Motor Screws For the Extra Thickness