Dronehaus Mach5 200mm Frame

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The Mach5 is our very own USA designed and manufactured frame, cut and sanded by hand right here in California. When designing and tweaking our flagship frame, we made it to be as light and tough as possible. What we ended up creating blew away our expectations and we feel confident that you'll love this frame for your next build with 5" props.

The design process for the Mach5 was a long, detailed process. It took months of designing, revising, testing, breaking, throwing, cutting, and flying to get this thing perfectly dialed in. What we ended up with is a frame that is one of the most durable, lightweight, and FAST frames on the market!

Our Mach5 was originally designed to be a race frame, so weight reduction was a huge priority. After breaking many prototypes, we decided to reinforce the frame with additional 1.5mm carbon pieces that add only minimal weight, but increase the durability and rigidity of the frame drastically. On top of that, the Mach5's small form factor and total weight with hardware being only 70 grams make it one of the fastest, most agile quads on the track.

The layout of the motors is a True X layout meaning the distance from motor 1 to 2 is the same as 1 to 3. This provides a very easy to tune layout and most pilots favor the way it handles. Many True X frames have a tiny build platform and can be difficult to build and repair. We decided to make the body a little longer, and put a lot of thought into where and how components can be mounted. The result is a quad that has twice the build platform as many of the smaller body designs and is much easier to build, maintain, and is especially nice when you have to do field repairs!



  • True X Design - Beautiful flight characteristics And easy to tune
  • 200mm Motor to Motor - Perfect For 5” Props
  • Very Light - Full Frame With Hardware Weighs In At Only 90 Grams
  • Torture Tested - 3.5mm One Piece Bottom Plate
  • Arm Reinforcements For Added Crash Resistance And Rigidity
  • Includes 3D Printed Cam Mount - Fits HS1177 Style Cameras, Printed in TPU
  • Made In The USA - Cut Right Here At DroneHaus Using 3K Twill Weave Carbon, Hand Sanded And QC'd to Perfection
  • Optional RROSD - OSD & PDB Combined
  • Without.Choose Your Color - Make Your Mach5 Your Own With Colored Hardware
  • Comes With 30mm Stand Offs, standard 3mm Hardware (Cap and Button Head), And Longer Motor Screws For the Extra Thickness


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