RedRotor RC RROSD Pro (PDB & OSD)

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RedRotor RC's RROSD is the easiest, best quality OSD & PDB combo on the market, which is why we chose to use this wonderful piece of hardware with our own frame kits. Unlike other OSD's, the RROSD takes no configuration to get it up and running. Simply connect your video TX and your FPV cam and you're good to go.

On top of the convenience and ease of use, the latest version comes with a built in lap timer as well.


  • 36mm X 36mm Dimensions (30.5mm X 30.5mm Mounting Holes)
  • Can Handle 3-6S Batteries
  • 12v / 5v Camera and Accessory Voltage Output
  • NTSC or PAL Can Be Selected Using Onboard Button
  • Plug and Play OSD Info Provided: Voltage, Current Draw, Current Consumption, RSSI, Flight Timer
  • Lost Model Buzzer Will Sound When Crashed After 5 Minutes
  • Onscreen Menu For Configuration
  • Firmware Upgradable