Rotorgeeks 2206 / 2350kv Motor

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These are the smoothest and most powerful motors we've run on our Mach5 frames! They are so smooth, in fact, you can barely hear them compared to other 22XX motors we've tried. The low end torque and overall power of these motors is off the charts! In addition to that, they're built like little tanks with 7075 Aluminum Alloy!


Single wire winding - offering high current capability and heat tolerance (up to 180°C).  Most of the high perfornance custom wound motors use this technique rather than multi strand wire.  Why is it unusual? The larger wire gauge can't be wound by machine...

  • Hand wound - even with all the automation available today, nothing matches the accuracy of skilled human.  The heavier gauge wire used in the Rotorgeeks motors demands hand winding
  • Fully serviceable - right from the start we wanted to be able to repair and replace every part of the motor to handle crashes as well as wear and tear.  Bearings are not glued in place.  All parts are available separately - rotor w/shaft, stator, bearings, clips and shims.
  • The little things
    • Dynamically balanced rotors
    • Case design was engineered for light weight and maximum cooling and airflow to the windings. 
    • The prop height has been set a little higher to reduce the likelihood of props striking the ESC. 
    • Greater clearance from the base to the windings to afford more tolerance on long mounting screws (without hitting the windings)
    • The integrated prop adapter provides a comfortable but not too tight fit on HQ props
    • A larger, easy to remove c-clip was chosen
    • Japanese NMB bearings
    • shaft permanently fixed into rotor
    • N45SH magnets and 0.2mm steel laminations for stator
    • Shaft and clip are completely recessed - the motor can be mounted on a flat surface without the need for a hole in the centre of the motor mount (nothing sticks out the bottom)
    • Each motor comes with a hardware kit that includes a nylock nut, standard nut and M3x6 hex head motor mount screws and washers.  The screws are good for arms ranging from 2.5 - 4mm thick