Rotorgeeks RG20+ ESC (Naked)

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Dronehaus is proud to introduce the Rotorgeeks RG20 Plus, the upgraded version of the famous RG20.  The F330 processor is replaced with the F390 series, allowing you to run the newer MultiShot firmware perfectly.

MultiShot is the fastest alternative PWM protocol at the moment. If you would like us to pre-flash your ESCs with MultiShot firmware before we send them to you (Crazy Start, Fast Start, Or Imperial Start) let us know in the comments when placing your order. We're happy to do so.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to flash Multishot on your RG20+'s, please use the following link to download the hex file for flashing: You'll need to use BlHeli Suite to flash the hex file named ROTORGEEKS_20A_PLUS_MULTI_REV14.6.HEX. 

Keep in mind that these ESCs come flashed with BLHeli 14.6, but not the Multishot version (even though it is called 14.6 Multi... I know, SUPER confusing). If you find that you are unable to spin your motors up when using Multishot in your configurator software, it's most likely because you need to flash the Multishot enabled version of BLHeli onto your ESCs.



  • Smaller and Lighter Than the Previous Legendary RG20 Design
  • Only Weighs 4g
  • Handles up to 5S Power
  • Damped Light Enabled, Oneshot Capable (Automatic Detection)
  • 1.4mm PCB, 4 Layer Blind Pole Design, 3Oz Copper for Better Heat Dissipation (Most Are 1-1.2mm)
  • Large IR 5301 Power Pack NFETs (100A spec)
  • Composite Triode, Fast High Side Switching
  • No Bulky Electrolytic Capacitor
  • Based on the Silabs 330 - Provides the Same Bulletproof Reliability of the Rotorgeeks 12A and 30A
  • Sustains 20A Continuous Without the Need for Airflow to (Supports Frames With Hidden ESCs)
  • No Internal BEC to Eliminate Issues Associated With Heat and Overdrawing Current for Auxillary Devices